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  • Ingredients

    We use organic whole grain flour that is stone milled. This process allows for all of the nutrients to be kept in the flour naturally, unlike industrial flour where they're added back chemically or "enriched".

  • Process

    Our process is labor intensive and requires skilled bakers to work the dough and bake the loaves. It requires a tremendous amount of time and care for the dough to proof naturally at its own pace, not with chemicals.

  • Love & Care

    You can't really make sourdough bread unless you really care about the tradition and importance of bread baking. We are constantly learning about fermentation, flour and flour milling, salt, seeds, nuts, fruits, and more.

Sandwich Bread

Our sandwich loaves have consistent slice size that is 4" wide and perfect for toasting. Great for toasts, sandwiches or just snacking a slice!

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Treat your loved ones to the gift of bread.

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