About us


domaselo was founded with a mission of making real food easily accessible. The founder Emil Hristov grew up eating real food in his native country Macedonia in Europe and once he formed a family, food quality became ever more important. 

Initially, domaselo started as a sourdough bread bakery and the goal was to make the most basic staple food product in its most authentic form. Through this experience Emil decided to open up domaselo for many other food makers that he met and had a shared philosophy for food making, which is focused on ingredients (as local as possible and pure) and process (no chemicals). 

bread baker with sourdough bread from domaselo and breadsie


Our hope is that domaselo will become a true alternative to the supermarket by offering you food that you can find when you travel to European villages, made with pure ingredients and skill - not chemicals. Our goal is to enable food makers to focus on food making and for domaselo to relieve them from logistics (shipping, deliveries) and marketing (finding customers).  

Thank you for your support of local food and we look forward to serving you.