About us

Domaselo was founded by Emil Hristov who grew up with amazing home baked bread by his mother and grandmother and the idea to start a sourdough bread bakery was driven by nostalgia for real bread.

Emil came to the US at age 15 as an exchange student and lived in Kansas, and as a teenager food quality wasn't as high of a priority. However, as years went by he found himself spending more time in Europe (especially Paris), where the tradition of sourdough bread baking still lives on, and he felt the emotion that bread brought to him every morning when he found himself at the nearby bakery.


Emil decided to learn the craft of bread making so he can make sourdough bread for his family. However, as he started baking for his family and friends, he started receiving positive feedback and decided to move forward with opening an online bakery and initially baked from his home as a cottage food operation. But within a few months it became impossible to keep working from his home in Key Biscayne, FL and had to build out a commercial bakery.

Today, Emil's goal is to make real bread accessible to all people in the US. Although this lofty goal is really difficult to implement in a traditional way with local bakeries, it is possible with an e-bakery that can offer shipping nationwide.  To date, domaselo has shipped bread to all states in the US including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.

We hope that domaselo will inspire real bread making and baking across the country.