Frequently Asked Questions


Are products shipped by domaselo or by each food maker?
- Each food maker ships the products that you order from them. If your order includes 3 products from maker A and 2 products from maker B, then you'll receive 2 separate shipments and boxes.

Does domaselo offer delivery?
- We don't ship or deliver any product. All products are shipped or delivered by each food maker. Although 100% of the food makers we work with offer shipping, very few offer local delivery.  We're working on a solution to offer local delivery for all food makers.

Are any products made by domaselo?
- No, domaselo does not make products. Instead, we work hard to find the best food makers that share our philosophy for making food, and make them easily available to people that respect the effort that goes into real food making. 

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
- Food makers are required to ship the products you order from them within 3 business days.  Most of them ship their products the day after you order and then it depends on the shipping method you selected and distance. Currently, most of the food makers we work with are based in Florida and customers across the state of FL receive their products within 1 day of shipping with UPS Ground.

Isn't domaselo also a bakery?
- domaselo started out as a bakery but decided to focus on providing a single place for local food, a sort of 24/7 farmers market where food makers and consumers can meet.  The bakery became a separate entity which operates independently of domaselo and it is now called breadsie.

Why should I shop on domaselo and not from the food maker's website?
- We offer a single place to get all of your artisanal groceries, and make it easy to do so. Prices are the same on domaselo as on the food makers' websites and shipping cost is either the same or lower. You're welcome to shop from the food maker's website, and we'd be happy as