Frequently Asked Questions


What is real bread?
- Real bread is made with just 3 ingredients: flour, water, and salt.  It also takes a minimum of 24 hours to make it due to the longer and slower fermentation. This is basically what sourdough bread is, and not any particular type of flavor - it just means naturally leavened bread.

Is sourdough bread sour?
- Sourdough bread could be sour if it is over-fermented or uses a mother dough (that's the name of the natural leavening agent) that is over fermented or "mature". The fermentation technique is in some ways the signature process of each baker, however, sourness does not define a bread as sourdough. In most other languages sourdough bread does not even translate to sour, it simply translates to naturally leavened bread and most bakers consider sour bread a defect. 

I buy sourdough bread from a local supermarket. Is domaselo's bread similar?
- Most likely not, unless it is made by a local sourdough bread baker. Most supermarket bread is labeled sourdough but it has nothing to do with sourdough and it would be illegal in most European countries to be named sourdough. Our bread has a soft moist crumb that is almost never sour, and a thick golden crust.  None of the bread made by the big bread companies such as Bimbo is real sourdough (or even real bread).

How long will it take for the bread to arrive? Will it be still good?
- Our bread arrives within 1 day of shipping in most of Florida with UPS Ground. The bread is actually better on day 2 when it is fully settled and lasts up to 7 days.  So if you're outside of FL and get estimated transit time of 2 days, then you should pick that shipping method even if it isn't air shipping.  We've shipped our bread to every state in the US.

What kind of wheat does domaselo use?
- We use an amazing stone ground flour from Janie's Mill. 

Does domaselo make any gluten-free bread?
- Unfortunately not yet. We hope to have a few options at some point in the future.