Country Bread (sourdough)


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Our Sourdough Country Bread is made using organic flour and the most natural and authentic method. A loaf with a thick, golden crust. Well-suited with meats and soft cheeses, as well as delicacies such as foie gras or salmon. The size of the slices makes it a good bread for sandwiches.

Ingredients: Flour, levain (flour, water), water, and sea salt.

Weight: 14 oz (weight may vary as each loaf is handcrafted).

Made In: Miami, FL

Delivers to: Click Here

Allergens: Gluten and potential traces of nuts.

Size: 8" loaf.

Maker: breadsie

Seller: breadsie

Additional info: Best time to enjoy: Most aroma upon delivery since it is freshly baked for you, a truly special experience. However, most flavor is developed during day 2 and 3. It will last for up to 6 days and makes an amazing toast during days 4, 5, and 6.

Loaf storage:

  • May be kept at room temperature for up to 5 days from baking (if you receive it with UPS, include days in transit)
  • To enjoy for longer, bread may be kept well wrapped and frozen
  • Breads should not be refrigerated
  • To serve from frozen, allow loaves to thaw at room temp and then refresh in 350 F oven