Wildflower Youth Serum


Made by Dahliana


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Back ordered until March 2022. This serum is perfect for anyone looking for blemish free and youthful skin. Wildflower Youth Serum assists in the preservation and well-being of your youthful complexion. Wildflowers are hand selected for maximum benefits and their exceptional clarifying properties. Dahliana includes Wildflower essences to give your skin instant radiance and hydration. Infused with three precious floral oils including camellia oil, rosehip oil and chamomile oil. Enjoy a clearer and younger looking complexion. Experience the natural scent of Summer-Time Meadows from essential oils.


Recommended for daytime use

Layers well under any Dahliana moisturizer

California Organic Wildflower blend helps skin clarify and clogged pores

Coconut water re-hydrates and adds ample moisture to your skin

Rosehip oil is hydrating

Camellia Oil is said to be a "Miracle Youth Oil"

Great travel serum

Chemical and Paraben free, Vegan, Non GMO, Gluten free, Cruelty free


Oily, Normal, Mature, Dry, Combination, Acneic


Apply to freshly washed skin. Press pump to release a dime sized amount into palm. Dab product onto face with fingertips and massage into skin in small circles until evenly covered. *May be used just like a daily moisturizer. Layers well under any Dahliana moisturizer for added benefit.


Made with Natural and Certified Organic ingredients
Coconut water
California Wildflower Blend
California Poppy Flowers
Camellia Oil
Rosehip oil
Sunflower Oil
Chamomile oil

1 OZ Airless Pump bottle