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Please note that our wheat bran has a very fine consistency due to our stone-milling process. Instead of coming off the kernel in big chunks, as it does in industrial roller mills, the bran is gently crushed by the mill stones, and then sifted out. The final product is more powdery than flaky, and excellent for bran muffins.

Of course, wheat bran can be used in most baked goods (not just bran muffins, although here's a good recipe for those!),  added to smoothies, salads, casseroles, and more. Bran is chock-full of B-vitamins, protein, and important minerals, including Iron, zinc, and selenium. 

If you’re into fermentation, our bran is excellent for making a nuka to ferment/pickle vegetables. If you’d like to order larger amounts of wheat bran, contact us, and we’ll work something out!


Protein: 12%

We offer 1-pound and 25-pound retail bags of bran. Please contact us if you would like to purchase larger amounts.

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