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The Tomahawk is the manliest cut of beef out there, even if in reality its just a bone-in ribeye, and the bone is Frenched to give the steak its distinctive "handle". If you want to impress your friends, co-workers, significant other or just answer to your primal instinct... the Tomahawk is the "to-go" steak. The unique size and shape will command attention, and its also extremely flavorful.

It's a heavy steak at 30-34 Oz, its usually a "steakhouse" steak, meaning its very rare to find it outside of a restaurant.Ā  Its an expensive cut of beef and it takes up a lot of "grill-state" but it looks beautiful.

Grade:Ā USDA Choice | BlackĀ Angus Beef | Top 5% of USDA Choice

Source: US MidWest

Recommended Doneness:Ā Medium-Rare, Medium, Medium-Well

Best Cooked:Ā Grilled, Pan-seared, broiledĀ with kosher salt and cracked black pepper.Ā 


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