The Ultimate Charapita Gift Box


Made by Charapita Farms


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This is the ultimateĀ Gift for the Charapita Lover! ThisĀ gift set contains :

1 Fresh Charapita Peppers 20gr in Deco Glas

1 Charapita Mango Hot Sauce 5oz
1 Charapita Pineapple Hot Sauce 5oz
1 Charapita Mango-Pineapple Hot Sauce 5oz

1 Charapita Sofrita Hot Sauce "No. 5"

1 Charapita Pepper Sauce "Liquid Gold" 1.7oz

1 Charapita Pepper Sauce "No. 5" 1.7oz

1 Aji Charapita Aged Vinegar 5oz

1 Aji Limo Aged Vinegar 5oz

1Ā Aged Vinegar "No.5"Ā  5oz

1 Charapita Chutney MangoĀ 
1 Charapita Chutney Pineapple

1 Charapita Chutney Mango-Pineapple

1 Charapita Paste "Fresh"

1 Charapita Paste "No. 5"

1 Chop ChopĀ 16oz