Made by Sweet Grass Dairy


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Sundown is a washed-curd style cheese with a rind washed in artisanally made Spanish-style hard cider from Urban Tree Cidery in Atlanta, GA. It has a wonderfully dense texture that exhibits an unbeatable melting quality. The cider-wash adds a subtle sweetness and fruity aroma with just a hint of funk that this style of cider is known for. The name Sundown was inspired by wide open spaces of the Wild West and the desert color palette that this cheese's natural rind showcases. Approximately 6 oz.

Made by Sweet Grass Dairy

After dairying conventionally for 15 years, Al and Desiree Wehner switched their farming method to an intensive grazing management farming style in 1993. In less than a year, they knew that they had discovered a better way to farm where “cows could be cows” and do what nature intended - eat grass! After a couple of years of Desiree making cheese out of their family kitchen, Sweet Grass Dairy was born in 2000. It was her goal to highlight the delicious, grass-based milk that their cows were producing through a range of handcrafted cheeses. They quickly realized that she needed help, so they invited their daughter, Jessica, and son-in-law, Jeremy Little, to join the family creamery. Al and Desiree believe in giving opportunities, so they were thrilled when Jeremy and Jessica wanted to purchase the cheesemaking part of the business in 2005. The Littles have continued to grow Sweet Grass Dairy over the years by expanding the distribution of their cheeses nationally and opening a restaurant in downtown Thomasville. Jeremy and Jessica have raised 4 boys, received over 30 national and international awards for their cheeses, and remained loyal to the vision of cultivating an inspired American food culture. They have done this by handcrafting the most flavorful and high quality cheeses possible from the milk of healthy, barn-free cows grazing on grass grown year round under the Georgia sun.

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