Spicy (2 chilli) Wine Jelly (Pack of 8)


Made by Arhus Foods


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ÅRHUS™️ Wine Jelly Spicy II, or as our customers like to call it ¨Two Chili¨, is made from our own well-kept recipe. The base of this Wine Jelly is Merlot wine with some extra jalapeños giving it its distinctive hot taste.

We are excited to offer this Spicy II. It is so unique you won’t believe your taste buds! Surprise your friends with this delicacy. It will leave them drooling and wanting more!

Just for you, try our Spicy II Wine Jelly or another varietal; you have nine ÅRHUS™ Wine Jellies to choose from depending on your preferences.

Made by Arhus Foods

Amadeo grew up in Argentina in a large family with parents who insisted on making everything by hand. His neighborhood streets were lined with orange trees, and his fondest childhood memories are picking oranges for his mother to make preserves. Orange marmelade and peach were his favorites!

When Amadeo and Isabel moved to South Florida with their daughters, they couldn’t find their favorite traditional foods in stores. They founded the Århus brand in 2016 as part of a mission to bring handmade preserves to the United States. With Amadeo’s family recipe, they focus on quality, simplicity and great taste for the health-conscious food lover.

Amadeo wanted everyone to be able to enjoy his handcrafted preserves. Therefore, Ă…rhus offers a full line of no sugar added preserves that are perfect for diabetics and those on a low-carb diet.

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