Spanish Squid Ink-Sachet of 4 (0.4oz/4 g. each) by Espinaler


Made by Mariana Foods


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Family owned company since 1896. Espinaler is an old-century company from Spain specialized in the selection, packing and distribution of gourmet canned seafood. Its products are addressed to high quality restaurants and gourmet retail stores.

Squid ink, very common in Mediterranean countries such as Spain and Italy, should always be cooked and, therefore, avoided raw.

This variety only has to be mixed in water, broth or other liquid so that it is diluted and provides color and flavor evenly. If this method is not followed, the ink can acquire a pasty and lumpy texture that would spoil the final result of the plate.

Dilute and add to the cooked dish. 1 gr of cuttlefish ink would be indicated to cook 100 gr.





Cuttlefish ink, water and salt and sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (thickener)


  • Store at room temperature, refrigerate after opening
  • Squid ink, tinta calamar, nero di seppia from Spain.
  • Perfect to add to your arroz negro (black rice) or to your rice or pasta.


Sachet of 4 (0.4oz/4 g. each)