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 The Dover Sole or Solea Solea is one of the most steemed and widely available fish in Europe.  It is similar to the Halibut/Turbot bit smaller and tastier.

Dover Sole fish presents a mild, sweet flavor with very firm, small flaked flesh. It is not your common white fish flavor. It is truly different. Itis similar to fish like red snapper, pollock fish or Alaskan cod in terms of texture.

It is a treat to pan-sear.


While not considered an endangered specie, sole has been over-fished and some of the major ecosystems  (such as the English channel or Irish Sea) could see their populations go extinct.

As a result we have decided to work with one of Spain's prestigious sustainable farms that follows the right practices for Sole to grow and taste well.



Keep frozen until ready to use. Thaw slowly under refrigeration. Cook this naturally delicate product from a thawed state.

DO NOT leave soaking in water, it will affect the flavor and texture of the fish. DO NOT leave thawed out fish in vacuum sealed bag for more than 24 hours. Consume within 24 hours for best results.

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