Spanish Piquillo Peppers stuffed with cod by Bajamar Mamia


Made by Mariana Foods


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Bajamar was founded in Navarra, Spain in 1966.

Selected ingredients, elaborated in a traditional way, with technology that ensures the best conservation and food safety and facilitates a balanced diet, with all the flavor of Mediterranean cuisine.

These piquillo Peppers from Spain are stuffed with a soft béchamel and cod. Completely natural, without preservatives or coloring agents and with 100% olive oil.

Recipe ready to heat to a simmer in a bowl, serve and taste




Piquillo Peppers (33%) Stuffing:  water, cod (29%), olive oil (7%), corn flour, olive oil (5%), cow's milk, onion, salt, corn starch and garlic. Sauce: water, peppers (20%), olive oil (5%), tomato, corn flour, onion, white wine, modified corn starch, natural fish broth, salt, sugar, and garlic.

Contain no preservatives or colorants, no artificial flavor enhancer, and they are cooked with 100% Olive Oil.


  • Delicious Stuffed Piquillo Peppers imported from Spain
  • Ready to Eat, just Heat and Serve.
  • 4/5 units per can.
  • Gourmet and Artisanal products.
  • Easy-open tin                                                  


8 oz/230 g.