Smoked Sea Salt In Beechwood MilI - Refill


Made by Blis Foods


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You will be needing this after you empty our stainless steel mill

Well, that was fast? We didn't expect our first time either to use it so much either. That smoked salt is on another level and "if you know, you know". Our award-winning pure sea salts are sourced from an eco-protective region in Greece. Giving you the delicious savory taste that is commonly missing from other salts. Feel the essence of pure Greek salt goodness in every recipe and our salts are not chemically processed in any way and nor do we add any caking agent, like many other iodized table or kosher salts; which can be harmful to your health. The most award-winning salt company with over 54 international awards. Clean and purity of these salts, means a little goes a long way!

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