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The Prime Rib primal cut is where we find the most tender, flavorful and desirable steaks in a steer/cow. In layman's words, the Prime Rib is where the flavor is at. The Prime Rib is the undisputed KING of large cuts of beef. 

Prime Rib is consumed heavily around holidays, but its an extremely versatile cut of beef and can be cooked in many different ways.  More importantly, Prime Rib is the most eye-catching, mouth-watering piece of beef you can serve a guest. 

The Prime Rib is basically the "whole" rib eye muscle, which is a muscle that doesn't get much exercise, so it yields some of the tenderest meat. It can develop excellent marbling. 

One of the reasons Prime Rib is such a popular holiday dish is that it has generous servings. A five-bone roast will serve 10 people, plan on one rib for every two diners. 

Prime Rib does need to be marinated, simply because its a very thick cut of beef. After that, whether you prefer to grill it or roast it, its up to you. Both will be extremely tasty.

Our Prime Rib is sourced from the best farms in the MidWest of the US and weights about 16 lbs.

This product has been DRY aged for 14+ days to improve flavor and tenderness and WET aged between 30-50 days. 



Cooking a Prime Rib is a lot less intimidating than you think. In fact, it may be the easiest roast to cook.

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