Sea Salt Flakes Basil & Garlic


Made by Blis Foods


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The culinary salt infusion you never saw coming

Discover the chef hidden inside you with this perfectly balanced -pyramid-shaped- salt. A luxurious artisanal salt with a pleasingly rich Greek basil aroma, combined with a slight note of distinctive garlic taste. Use this gourmet salt as a finishing salt at the end of cooking. Just gently crush it between your fingertips and sprinkle it over pasta, meat, chicken, fish or vegetables and enjoy! Our sea salt is 100% harvested from clean blue waters of Greece, from an Eco-protective region, since 1975. This naturally made salt is unrefined and gives you clean pure taste and strong recipe results -in just a little amount! No chemical process and nor do we add any caking agent, like many other iodized table or kosher salts; which can be harmful to your health. The most award-winning salt company with over 54 international awards. Again do not forget the purity of these salts, means a little goes a long way!

Weight: 3.52 Oz

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