Saffron Stigmas in threads by Chiquilin (5 sachets)


Made by Mariana Foods


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Chiquilin, is a spice company specializing in the packaging, marketing and distribution of spices, saffron, infusions, and seasoning blends for unique foods such as Paella. Based in Novelda , Alicante and dated in the early 1900’s.

Considered by many as one of the most desirable spices when it comes to making delicious meals.
Chiquilín saffron is without a doubt a great ally in the kitchen which will enhance the taste of your meals, with an explosion of flavor and color which will delight all the palates.

Chiquilín filaments saffron is a natural product popularly known as “red gold”, harvested and hand-packed, in a handmade way. A small amount of our saffron gives a delicious flavor and aroma to the most varied dishes: rice, pasta, soups, desserts and a wide variety of stews.




100% saffron


  • For all kind of rices, paellas and soups


Net Weight: 0.014oz/0.4g (5 sachets of 0.003 oz/80 mg)