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Check out how @certified.creole.bbq made it. Amazing video!!

 NOTE, This product does NOT come vacuum sealed. Just individually packaged. Due to the nature of the product (whole fish) it cannot be vacuum sealed.

Red Snapper is one of the tastiest fishes in the Caribbean. It has beautiful white meat that presents a firm texture and sweetish flavor.  It is delicate, moist and just delicious!

We like to sell Red Snapper whole because it allows you to get creative... boil it, grill it, pan-fry it, steam it, bake it or deep fry it. Red Snapper is a symbol for Caribbean tradition... although its a fish that can be sourced worldwide. 

We source Red Snapper from the coasts of Venezuela, a country that is known for its beautiful beaches and happy people. While Red Snappers can grow as big as 34 lbs.

Red Snapper is a low-calorie, high-protein and packs Vitamins D and E. Like all high-mercury fish... eat with moderation!


This fish can be cooked any way you like but it is ideal for the grill. Grab the whole fish (it already comes clean and cut in half), fill with lemon and herbs of your choice (we like using garlic, green onions and lemon slices), wrap it in aluminum foil and cook it indirectly in the grill. Low direct heat also works...

You could also use a cedar plank... or smoke it. 


Keep frozen until ready to use. Open the bag, place the fish on a plate or tray and let it thaw slowly under refrigeration. Cook this naturally delicate product from a thawed state. If you thaw in water or left inside the bag, fish will grab a strong fishy smell, this isnt ideal but it does not damage the fish... it does change the texture.

DO NOT leave soaking in water, it will affect the flavor and texture of the fish. DO NOT leave thawed out fish in sealed bag for more than 24 hours. Consume within 24 hours for best results.


Snapper is a delicate fish, it has rich flavor and is awesome... however in the USA it is usually treated with CO2 to make it less smelly and keep it intact. This snapper is NOT treated, it is harvested and frozen right away. Expect a very flavorful fish, but also expect it to be more smelly than what you will usually find at your local grocery store and even other providers (not smelly, tasteless white fish).  

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