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WANT TO GET CREATIVE? Here is a How to make a Pork Crown with this rib rack!


Sometimes we go beyond our MidWestern roots and source a product outside of the Heartland of America. That is what we did with these Pork Rib Rack, because it's AMAZING!

This pork rib rack can be roasted, but if you want to go all out you could turn it into a Pork Crown. All you need to do is grab a knife and french them. Make a small cut into the meat in between each rib so you can wrap it into a circle easily. 

These Pork Rib Rack comes from Niman Ranch in California. They are the best all-natural pork money can buy and you can taste the difference just by the way the porks were fed and raised - no antibiotics, no hormones, all vegetarian diet. 

These pork loin marble like beef, they are just beautiful and full of taste.


Our Heritage pork is sourced from one of the best pork programs in the US. That means these pigs are only traditional heritage pigs, fed a high quality diet and allowed to roam. This is premium pork. 

Raised outside on pasture or in deeply bedded pens 



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