Outside Skirt Steak | Wagyu-Angus Cross


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Note: This product has doubled in price over the past 12 months. This is as a result of COVID, supply and demand. We work with the highest quality farms and producers and we will not sacrifice quality or trade down. When / if prices go down, we will lower prices. We apologize for the inconvenience, this is out of our hands. We have lowered our margins not to pass down all price increases to our consumers... but it is what it is.

Known in the southern hemisphere as "Entraña", the skirt steak is probably the most flavorful cut of beef in a steer, and while often dismissed because its tougher than other cuts, its a great steak for grilling.

This wagyu-angus picanha is sourced from Australia. It presents more marbling (intramuscular fat) than our USDA Prime Outside Skirt. This is a result of the wagyu breed and it gives it additional tenderness. The Wagyu breed does have a distinct flavor to go with the additional tenderness.

Best for: Grilling

Best Cooked: Medium-Rare, Medium

We recommend you cook the skirt steak in extremely hot heat, the hotter, the better. An ideal skirt will be seared and "crunchy" in the outside and rarer in the inside.

Outside Skirt is the premium skirt (ad described ago), the more we have to manipulate it, the more expensive the steak will be. To cut the steak to exact portions (say 1.5lbs) our cost increases between 10% and 15%. So to keep price down we have decided to sell it in weight ranges... and we charge you for the lower end of the range.

That means, a 1-1.4 lb Skirt, we charge you for 1lb, although it could be up to 1.4lbs

Made by Meat N' Bone

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