White Chocolate Covered Raisins


Made by Blis Foods


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No more old plastic raisins with dull chocolate at the movies.

These are not your ordinary chocolate covered raisins, and if you do not know us by now, we always deliver! Our Greek raisins have 3x the anti-oxidant of a blueberry, with a light creamy layer of Greek yogurt, 30% cacao butter and pure Madagascar vanilla. Yes, these perfectly melt in your mouth so go head and sneak these delicious treats into movie theatre, next time you see a movie! Oh, and yes, eating with popcorn is optional!

Made by Blis Foods

Blis Market began from an idea that we need to rebuild the broken system of our supermarket chains and food industry which were not only selling unhealthy products but lacked authentic flavors and deprived our bodies of the rich nutrients we need.
United by a need to change the future of food and people's well-being, a group of family farms, nutritional experts, chefs, and artisans banded together to form a seed-to-table cooperative that is now Blis Market.

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