Organic Greek Corinthian Raisins


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3x Anti-oxidants of blueberries -the original grape

Corinthian Black Raisins - Grade A – The oldest raisin variety which has been cultivated for centuries. An undiscovered Greek superfood. What did the first-ever raisin look & taste like? In our search for the world’s most ancient variety, we traveled to Corinth, Greece where the black raisin has been cultivated for centuries, alongside the long-standing tradition of Greek winemaking. This "original raisin", is a snack that has spanned for over 2.500 years and the grapes used for these raisins have been preserved and unaffected by time and technology. Exclusively sun-dried only and never any sulfate added. Eaten as a healthy snack for adults and kids, enhance cereals, oatmeal, salads & bread. Abundant in fiber, antioxidants, potassium, and B Vitamins to energize your daily diet. Try also our Golden Red Heirloom raisins.

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Additional info:

Certified organic farming
GMO Free
This product has been certified GMO free.
No Pesticides
We've lab tested this food to ensure it's pesticide free.
Immunity Boost
This product has immunity boosting properties.
High Antioxidant
This product is naturally high in health promoting antioxidants.
Gut Friendly
Promotes a healthy microbiome.
Ancient Variety
This food is an ancient variety, the same as used thousands of years ago.