Organic Artisan Biscotti With Almonds


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Balance of crunchy organic almonds and soft baked delight

Your coffee routine just got upgraded! It is time to move on from the brick-hard biscotti's you get at the supermarket. Our Greek artisan bakers put their heart and soul, known as ‘meraki’, into their craft and create these treats with only the finest organic and non-GMO ingredients. So dig into to these light, crunchy, wholesome treats for they are Biscotti you have been missing all your life. Our TruGreek label always promises authentic and wholesome flavors from Greece with only the best-sourced ingredients. Bonus: Ok Sherlock, are you curious what that long foreign (its Greek) word on the bottom of the box says? Follow us on Instagram and DM and we will tell you. You are sure to get a special treat back from us


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Certified organic farming
No Pesticides
We've lab tested this food to ensure it's pesticide free.
GMO Free
This product has been certified GMO free.