Oomi + Vita Vibe Mommy & Me Bundle & Gift Set


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Made by: Oomi Organics

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We've partnered with Vita Vibe Organics to bring you this exclusive Mommy & Me Bundle which includes: 

Oomi's Immune It Up herbal tea, which is made with elderberries, nettle leaf, rosehips and so many more powerful herbs that provide your child with the ideal combo of Vitamin A & Vitamin C to promote their healthy immune system. Our nourishing blend is also rich in iron, calcium, magnesium & protein to help babies & kids develop healthy blood, bones, joints, and skin. Made only with no GMO's, no sugar, no caffeine, no chemicals. No Artificial Stuff, Ever! 

- Vita Vibe Organics Eye Hydration Cream, an green tea and rose infused under eye cream for mom, which hydrates delicate skin around the eyes and minimizes darkness and puffiness to brighten skin and help mom look well rested. It hydrates the delicate skin under eyes, fights lines and wrinkles, and minimizes darkness and puffiness. 100% Natural. Cruelty Free. NON GMO. Non Toxic. 
Handcrafted in Miami FL with love by Vita Vibe.