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It's a favorite of many. Our delectable dairy-free cheesy flavor blended with the sweet, smokey taste of paprika. It's not spicy but a perfect way to add a dash of joy to any recipe.


Non-fortified, Organic, Non GMO Nutritional Yeast
Hungarian Smoked Sweet Paprika
Himalayan Pink Salt
Organic Garlic Powder
Organic White Pepper

Made by Vlendedful

Gourmet Parmesan Plant Based Alternative. A gathering of rich and exciting flavors, created with organic ingredients and non-fortified nutritional yeast. Enjoy "parmesan" cheese the modern, animal cruelty free way. Sprinkle delight.

Vlendedful comes in powder form with the desire to fill the void left by your long-gone dairy parmesan cheese soul mate. It’s crafted with organic ingredients, California almonds and vibrant flavors to fashion the distinctive taste of parmesano and astound you with delectable experiences.

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