Mussels in Pickle Sauce (Mejillones) 8-12 pieces-Medium- by Ramon Pena


Made by Mariana Foods


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Ramon Peña preserves since 1920, where tradition and quality are put together to offer the greatest gastronomic treasure from the Galician Rias.

The products of Ramón Peña come from the Galician Rias, the richest and most appreciated fishing area in Spain and with the most demanded raw material of the sector. Its privileged location, together with unbeatable weather conditions and the purity of its waters have made these estuaries unique and of undeniable gastronomic value. Also from the Bay of Biscay, where you get the best anchovies, mussels, tuna and bonito.


Ramon Pena


Mussels (mollusk), olive oil, sunflower oil, vinegar, spices and salt


  • Mussels from Galicia strictly selected by sizes and fresh packed by hand.
  • The byssus is removed by hand in each piece.
  • The mussels are fried in olive oil. That means less weight but a better texture and flavor.
  • Pickled sauce is made in our kitchen with the best quality of the vinegar, oil and pepper. All that balances with a fresh touch the flavour of fried mussels.


 3.9 oz/110g.