Monster African Tiger Prawns | Wild Caught


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Made by: Meat N' Bone

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 2 Prawns per Package (Each prawn will weight 0.4 - 0.6 Lbs)

These MONSTROUS prawns are wild caught of the coast of Africa. They are U2, the largest denomination that is sold commercially. This is the Monster Tomahawk steak of the sea. Are there bigger Prawns in the sea? Yes, very few and they may sink your boat. You can either buy them at Meat N' Bone or fish them out from the Nautilus. 

Lets put it this way, these prawns are as heavy as most lobster tails you will find.

They are frozen whole, head, shell-on and tail on. Great for creative cooks or to cook on the grill alongside a Tomahawk steak. 

These prawns present a buttery texture and firmness that makes them ideal for sautéing, BBQ'ing, shrimp cocktails, or anything else you can think of.

100% natural - no chemicals or preservatives.



Overnight in the refrigerator. Keep it simple.

 NOTE, This product does NOT come vacuum sealed. Just individually packaged.


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