Italian-Style Pizza Flour


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This special blend of flavorful Turkey Red Wheat and high-protein Glenn Wheat was developed working closely with pizza makers (professional and home. Their testers found that this finely-sifted flour (70% extraction) is perfect for either airy Italian style pizza (with a longer rise time) or crisp New York style pizza (short rise time). And it has the gluten strength needed to support all your favorite toppings!

While this flour is perfect for pizza, it’s also great for focaccia, ciabatta, pane casareccio, and many other Italian (and non-Italian!) breads and baked goods. Any time you want a highly-sifted, high-protein, flavorful flour, try this one!

Milled from: a blend of High-Protein Glenn Wheat and Heirloom Turkey Red Winter Wheat  

Size: 1.5 lb

Protein: 13%

Extraction Rate: 70%

Flavor profile: Powdery, light and clean, with underlying butter and earth tones.