Infused Blackberry 16.9 fl oz | 24 Pack


Made by Just Water


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It’s like you dropped a few blackberries into the carton yourself. Subtle, refreshing, authentic. Same mountain-sourced spring water, same plant-based carton, plus a dash of flavor.

No sugar, no calories, no artificial anything.

Starting with the same 100% mountain spring water and plant-based carton as the original, JUST Infused is elevated with a dash of fruit essence. The flavor is light, refreshing and tastes just as if there were a bunch of blackberries in the bottle. JUST Infused contains no sweeteners of any kind, no calories, no artificial flavors. Simply the best tasting flavored water made simply with the 100% spring water and a touch of fruit flavor.

Made by Just Water

JUST was inspired by a young man's quest to do better. While learning to surf, a ten-year-old Jaden Smith saw a plastic bottle floating next to him in the water. Unable to shake the image of plastic polluting the Pacific, he decided to do something. What began as an introduction to the impact humans have on the environment became a Smith family obsession to do good.

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