Idiazabal Cheese P.D.O. (Approx. 6.6 lb) 3 kgs by Aialde


Made by Mariana Foods


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The Idiazabal Cheese has an intense flavor and a compact texture, lightly smoked with a marked character of its origin.

Idiazabal Denomination of Origin cheese made in the Basque Country and in Navarre with raw milk of sheep of the breeds Lacha and Carranzana, natural rennet and a maturation minimum of 2 months. 

It has intense lactic aromas with hints of animal and smoky notes in the smoke. The texture is firm, crumbly and floury. Lactic flavour, slightly saline and slightly spicy.

This manufacturer cheese-making tradition dates back to 1977


Aialde-La Vasco Navarra


Raw Sheep’s Milk, salt, natural rennet,lactic ferments, preservative egg white lysozyme (E-1105)
Non Edible Rind. Contains egg and milk.

How to serve

 The cheese is often served with a full-bodied Spanish red wine, and is considered a perfect companion for grilled or barbequed meats. It is the perfect cheese to melt on top of grilled burgers. Other ways to enjoy Idiazábal include serving it on toasted bread, over salted crackers or grated in salads. Regardless of how you serve Idiazábal, you’re sure to be pleased and delighted by it.

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6.6 lb/3 kgs. Wheel