Hoja Verde 100% Chocolate


Made by MaZe Coffee & Chocolate


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Pure chocolate,solid, rustic but defined, very intense with more or less a dark character with hints of walnut, moss and seeds. Lovely, digestible chocolate with a distinguished balance. Hard to ignore.

Presentation: Bar 50 g / Display of 12 units.

Product Info
Serving Size 1/2 bar - 163 calories

Made by MaZe Coffee & Chocolate

We started this company so others could partake in the most delicious cup of coffee and chocolate bar this planet has to offer while representing the fantastic aromas, textures, and flavors delivered from our partner growers in Ecuador. We are dedicated to creating long-term relationships with our customers as well as our providers. Here at MaZe, we will amaze you with the absolute best tasting coffee and chocolate. Our products are handled and delivered with care and made with passion by small coffee and chocolate communities throughout the world.

MaZe coffee is produced by small artisan and independent coffee and cacao farmers were working methods are suitable for coffee and chocolate quality as well as being environmentally friendly. Social assistance is offered to farmers, supporting over 450 families in the coffee zones providing quality programs, materials, and coffee plants.

The geographical position, the varied climates, and the fertility of the land make Ecuador a privileged terrain to sow and harvest high-quality coffee.

"The difference is in the Beans"

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