Greek Honey Super Blend


Made by Blis Foods


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Your new daily dose of healthy honey, from unspoiled wild forests

Perhaps you know Greece for its pristine waters and beautiful beaches, but now the secret is out for its amazing honey! Be prepared to make this your new daily dose of healthy honey. Our ethical and sustainable beekeepers harvest this honey in one of the most ecologically-rich lands in Europe, a paradise for all honeybees. The exceptional quality provides you with real raw anti-oxidant power from Wild Oak and Thyme which are found in the unspoiled forests of the Peloponnesian region. Lastly, Greece is one of the few countries left to be GMO-Free, banning all GMO farming, which allows the bees to flourish and not come in contact with harmful herbicides. We even tested this honey in a lab to verify that it is free of all 450 known farming pesticides & heavy metals. This is truly raw honey in every way. Stay tuned as we reveal are 2021-2022 "Saves the bees" project soon!

Made by Blis Foods

Blis Market began from an idea that we need to rebuild the broken system of our supermarket chains and food industry which were not only selling unhealthy products but lacked authentic flavors and deprived our bodies of the rich nutrients we need.
United by a need to change the future of food and people's well-being, a group of family farms, nutritional experts, chefs, and artisans banded together to form a seed-to-table cooperative that is now Blis Market.

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