Granola Rusks


Made by Ruusters Rusks


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Calling all granola lovers (or muesli lovers for those South Africans out there), these
rusks are crunchy (without being tooth breakers) since they are freshly baked and
packed with flavor. A perfect combination of flavor notes with a hint of sweet, salty and
buttery goodness.
We started Ruusters Rusks to introduce a very special South African tradition to those
around us. Ruusters Artisanal Rusks are a twice baked bread that is enjoyed anytime of
the day. We usually have them dunked (or alongside) our coffee or tea in the morning for
breakfast. We also enjoy the rusks at tea time and after dinner for a late night snack.
There is no time of day that isn’t suitable to bring out your bag of rusks to enjoy.
Flour, oats, almonds, honey, coconut, bran flakes, unsalted butter, organic raisins,
buttermilk, sugar, eggs, milk, baking powder, salt.

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