Gift Set Acorn-Fed 100% Ibérico by Alta Expresión-COVAP


Made by Mariana Foods


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Delicious pack, with one  6 oz acorn-fed salami style sausage (salcichon) link and one 6 oz acorn-fed chorizo link, all in one beautiful gift box.

Made from high-quality lean meat and with an intense aroma, the Alta Expresión Dry-uncured Acorn-fed Ibérico Pork Black Sausage offers a unique flavor based on a select variety of natural spices.



COVAP-Alta expresion


Chorizo: Acorn-fed lean ibérico pork, Paprika, Salt, Sugar, Garlic, Cayenne, Lactic acid starter culture. Beef collagen casing (Rind non edible).

Salchichon: Acorn-fed lean ibérico pork, Sugar, Salt, Nutmeg, Natural flavor, Yeast, Garlic, Black pepper, Citrus fruits extracts. Beef collagen casing (Rind non edible)


  • An excellent and completely natural product, with no artificial ingredients, nitrites or nitrates, aged in the traditional way using sea salt.
  • Made from acorn-fed and free-range porks


6 oz/170 g