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Economical, tender, delicious... The Flat Iron steak may be the best cut of beef to grill, heck it may be the best cut overall.

This relatively unknown cut of beef (although gaining popularity) is the result of research by teams from the University of Florida and the University of Nebraska as part of the Beef Checkoff program. The goal was to look for additional opportunities to add value to beef through development of new beef cuts... clearly, they succeeded.

Flat Iron steaks are beautiful to look at, they have an appealing texture and a decent amount of marbling. 

The flat iron might not get nearly as much attention as rib-eyes and strips, but it’s a quality cut of meat, lean and usually inexpensive enough for a nice weeknight dinner.

Grill it like a skirt (some higher end restaurants actually sell it as "churrasco") or braise it. You CANNOT go wrong with a Flat Iron Steak.


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