Extra Mussels Premium in Pickle Sauce in a can-4-6 pieces by Ramon Pena


Made by Mariana Foods


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Ramon Peña preserves since 1920, where tradition and quality are put together to offer the greatest gastronomic treasure from the Galician Rias.
Flavor of the sea, natural, with personality in the aftertaste, grainy, fleshy texture.
The seasoning, bittersweet, offers homemade sensations of salt, sugar, bay leaf, cloves.

It is a seafood from the Galician estuaries that is produced in floating rafts, there is it in all the Galician estuaries, but the best are those of the Arosa estuary, specifically those of the Palmeira and Aguiño area. Only the selected food of the extra and super extra sizes work. They make it in the months of the year of August, September, October and November. As for its preparation, they do it in the following way: First it is cooked, then it is lightly fried in virgin olive oil (so that it gains in consistency, texture and flavor) and then the sauce is added, in in this case, the marinade, which is made with olive oil, smoked paprika de la vera, sherry vinegar and then added to the tin with laurel, cloves and a black pepper ball.


Ramon Pena


Mussels (mollusk), olive oil, sunflower oil, vinegar, spices and salt


  • Hand Pack & Prepared
  • Tradition since 1920
  • Product of Spain
  • Store in a cool, dry place and eat immediately after opening


 3.9 oz/110g.