White Tuna in Olive Oil by Espinaler


Made by Mariana Foods


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Espinaler began as a small tavern in Barcelona in 1896. With time, Espinaler extended beyond simply serving these delicacies to creating a house sauce and sourcing their own seafood in Galicia. Espinaler makes selections at the peak of each season and hand packs tins to ensure the utmost care is taken.

This blue fish is captured during summer months, when they are near the Cantabric sea. It’s known by its tender meat and mellow texture. The 100% natural product is boiled and just olive oil and salt are added


White tuna (Fish), olive oil and salt


  • Fresh blue fish fished from the Cantabric sea.
  • Its healthy qualities make this tuna a highly valued delicacy.
  • From the Galician Rias, the coast of Malaga and from the best places of the country, direct to your table.


 4.2 oz/ 120 g in a can