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Durum is an ancient grain that is closely related to Emmer. Its very high protein level (16%), along with its unique flavor and strong nutritional profile, have made it very popular. Our freshly stone-ground Durum flour is 100% extraction, meaning 100% of the nutrition and flavor found in each kernel is retained in this flour.

Additional Info:

Milled from: DURUM, the hardest of the ancient grains

Protein: 16%

Extraction Rate: 100% (If, say, 1000 pounds of Durum Berries go into the mill, then 1000 pounds of Durum Flour come out.)

Great to use in: Your favorite yeast or sourdough recipes, as well as in muffins and cookies.

Durum wheat is one of the earliest cultivated wheat varieties, and may have been harvested as early as 3,000BC. Durum has a higher percentage of protein (16%) than modern wheats, and has higher levels of fat, phosphorus, and potassium, making it more nutritious — and delicious!

Made by Janie's Mill

The idea for Janie’s Mill sprung up one day as Harold was watching tons of his organic wheat flow into a semi to travel far from Janie’s Farm.

He suddenly thought, "Really?! My grain has to go 700 miles to feed a chicken, when there’s all these millions of people nearby who eat bread?”

And so the seed of what would become Janie’s Mill was planted. It took years of research and planning before we began stone-grinding grains from Janie’s Farm in the spring of 2017. We worked with bakers to get their input and feedback and by fall, we were milling consistent, high quality flours that earned kudos from both home and professional bakers. We’ve been milling those flours, and adding more to meet bakers’ specific needs ever since, and can’t wait for you to use our flours, grits, and whole grains in your kitchen or bakery!

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