All-Purpose Flour

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This AP flour is perfect for cookies, muffins, pancakes, biscuits, scones, banana bread and other quick breads. It's finely sift, resulting in a smooth, pillowy, creamy texture, and delectable baked goods.

Ingredients: Organic Wheat Flour

Weight: 1.5lb

Made in: Ashkum, IL

Delivers to: CLICK HERE

Certifications : Kosher, Organic

Maker: Janie's Mill

Seller: breadsie

Additional Info

Milled from: WARTHOG, a Hard Red Winter Wheat

Size: 1.5 lb

Protein: 9.6%

Extraction Rate: 80%

Flavor profile: Light, nutty, grassy tones, with underlying earthiness

Great to use in:  Cookies, cakes, biscotti, pancakes, pie crusts, biscuits, banana bread and other quick breads — basically any un-kneaded baked good!