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A tropical gem and one of Crazies' best sellers! The Craize coconut cracker is a healthy snack that delights our taste buds in every bite! It pairs perfectly with all nut spreads, banana, honey, ice cream, and of course, Nutella®.

Ingredients: Pre-Cooked White Corn Flour, Coconut, Dark Brown Sugar, Yellow Corn Grits, Sunflower Oil, Kosher Salt, Vanilla Extract, Cinnamon, Citric Acid and Vitamin E.

Weight: 4oz

Made in: Miami, FL

Delivers to: CLICK HERE

Maker: Craize

Seller: breadsie

Diet; Gluten Free

Additional Info: 

This flavor also combines incredibly well with strong cheeses, like goat cheese and brie. If you like trying something new, this coconut Craize cracker will take you to a whole new taste experience. Each 4 oz pouch comes with approx. 4 servings. Each resealable pouch has approx. 34 crackers in total.