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Chateaubriand, sounds fancy, doesn't it? It is. That it is because the Chateaubriand is the name given to the center cut of the tenderloin which is already one of the most exclusive cuts of beef from a cow.

From a 1,050 lbs steer, you get 2 Tenderloins that may weight 8 lbs combined... and out of those 8 lbs you may get 2 good Chateaubriand.

In the 1950s the Chateaubriand became a treat for upscale VIPs and high rollers in Las Vegas, eventually becoming a staple of the local supper clubs referred to as gourmet rooms that were found on and off the Vegas strip... but the history of this beautiful roast goes back to the french monarchy of the 1800's.

Talk about exclusive...

Today you do not have to be a member of the monarchy to eat a Chateaubriand, and you don't need a chef. This is a VERY easy and simple cook that will impress anyone. The key is using good tenderloin such as the one sold by Meat N' Bone.

We only source from specific farms and vendors. Each one vetted for high quality. If we cannot find a product, we mark it out of stock. We do not sacrifice quality.

Aside from the grading of our beef, our aging standards are far superior than those of your supermarket butcher which ages beef, at most, for about as week. All of our premium cuts are aged for for at-least 30 days. This guarantees tenderness, texture and flavor.

We hand-cut EVERY steak, which means we inspect each piece carefully, we trim away the fat and we make every steak meet our rigorous standards. Last but not-least we vacuum seal, which makes a HUGE difference.

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