Champagne Vinaigrette


Made by Dress it up Dressing


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Does anything say "Dressed Up" quite like Champagne? Savory, sophisticated, and versatile, our best-selling Champagne Vinaigrette offers a mild and mellow flavor that is delicate, but difficult to ignore.

Why to Buy
The flavor of a vinaigrette, yet creamy
Capture glamour and gourmet instantly
You'll always have something delicious at your fingertips
Diet friendly - Paleo, Whole 30, Keto

Made by Dress it up Dressing

My mother's recipe; my brother's dare
Dress It Up Dressing was founded by Sophia Maroon in 2012. Sophia’s brother had long held that a business was waiting to be built in the salad dressing their mother made every night when they were children (and that Sophia continued to make for her children).

Always up for a challenge, Sophia began sharing her dressing with friends — who then shared it with their friends — eventually proving her brother right. She soon ran a cottage industry, delivering jars of salad dressing to neighbors in recycled clementine boxes she picked up at Whole Foods each week.

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