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A deliciously rich Colombian blend from the Nariño and Huila regions, cold-brewed for 18 hours, and infused with American grown hemp-derived CBD. Dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, no added sugar and no compromises—made in the US and 100% recyclable. Cheers!

Ingredients: Organic Colombian coffee, reverse osmosis's water, gum arabic, hemp extract (cannabidiol), MCT oil, citric acid

Weight: 11oz

Made in: Miami, Florida

Delivers to: CLICK HERE

Diet: Gluten Free

Maker: Jibby Coffee

Seller: breadsie

Additional Info:

This cold brew blend is sourced from small-batch organic farms in Colombia. Farmers are paid a premium for their delicious, chocolatey coffee. The hemp is sourced 100% American grown and pesticide-free. It is processed in a lab in Colorado to be isolated carefully and fully stripped of all unwanted ingredients, like THC.