Boneless Barnsley Chop (Lamb Saddle Chop)


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When a butcher has some really good product and gets creative, magic happens. That's how this Boneless Saddle Chop was born.Ā 

The best way to describe this lamb cut is: "pure deliciousness". This is an extremely rare cut of VERY high quality lamb.

It has a portion of the loin and tenderloin together, with meat and fat from the flank and the belly. You can pan sear it, grill it or roast it... it will be delicious.

It comes from one of the most exclusive Lamb programs in the country.Ā  It was raised onĀ J12Ā Ranch and Livestock, in Park City, Utah. This is a multi-generational farm run by Chad and Linda Osguthorpe.Ā 

This lamb is as high quality as it gets. super marbled andĀ and presents extremely delicateĀ flavor.

ā€¢ No Antibioticsā€“Ever
ā€¢ No Added Hormonesā€“Ever
ā€¢ Fed All-Vegetarian Feeds
ā€¢ Certified Halal

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