Black Garlic Paste (vegan)


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Black garlic paste masterfully united from the original cloves made with hint espresso and agave. Use this paste, as a spread, marinade on any protein and or base to a sauce. The possibilities are endless to this sweet smoky balsamic version of Garlic, that not only packs potent umami flavor, but also gives you 3X anti-oxidants of regular garlic.

What is Black Garlic?

Black Garlic is a fermented white garlic that is placed in a  very low temperature controlled oven and heated for over 40-60 days.  This leaves you with a smokey yet sweet taste that resembles more a date fruit and or balsamic vinegar notes, than the otherwise strong white garlic taste. It is similar in how an onion can be caramelized and sweet during heating, or maillard process.  Black garlic is sought after by Chefs for its “umami” taste attributes and health experts highly recommend it because of its potent 3x more antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticancer than white garlic.   In addition, it is more easily absorbed by your body- 90%, compared to only 10% in white garlic. This is the true superfood winner that you can add as spread, use as a marinate to any proteins, create a sauce or eat on its own. Spreading on a slice of bread or sandwich, adding to a salad, pasta, cheese boards, sushi and much more!