Black Garlic Cloves - A fermented Uber Umami Superfood!


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Sweet, savory and smoky only begins to describe Black Garlic. Chefs go crazy for its unique "Umami" taste and this mysterious black beauty just might surpass your regular white garlic in the culinary love department. The mystery goes even deeper than just culinary, nutritional experts have known for years of health benefits as well. This fermentation process of white garlic, via a temperature-controlled oven, for over 40-60 days makes garlic lose its pungent taste and get closer to a sweet date fruit with balsamic notes. However, the real surprise at the end, is that you get 3x the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties than white garlic! But wait there is more! White garlic is only 10% absorbed by your stomach, while black garlic is up to 90%! So soak in the benefits and cut or smash these cloves and add them to elevate almost any recipe. Add them to marinates, pasta sauces, salad dressings, vinaigrette, great for any proteins after grill/cooking, just brush it at the end of grilling a salmon, ribs or cooking vegetables. When not cooking go ahead and pop a clove for some immunity pick me up as well!

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Brand: Downvillage
High Antioxidant
This product is naturally high in health promoting antioxidants.
Immunity Boost
This product has immunity boosting properties.
Gut Friendly
Promotes a healthy microbiome.