Black Emmer Flour


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This 100% extraction whole-kernel flour is made from Black Emmer, a rare ancient grain, also known as Farro Nero. The word “farro” comes from pharaoh, as this grain was originally grown in ancient Egypt. When the Roman Empire expanded there, they brought this grain back to the continent, and it became known as farro nero the “black grain of the Pharaohs.”

We have found Black Emmer to be an extremely versatile flour. Everything we’ve made with it has been super-flavorful, including pancakes, zucchini bread, and sourdough bread. At 11% protein, you can substitute it for All-Purpose in your favorite cookie or quick bread recipe, and bake something truly extraordinary — delicious and highly nutritious! 

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Our friends at Muddy Fork Bakery, as well as the many professional and home bakers on the Janie’s Mill Baker’s Facebook page, have found Black Emmer to be a very versatile flour, great mixed with High-Protein or Sifted Artisan flour in yeast or sourdough breads, or on its own or mixed with All-Purpose flour in cookies, muffins, pancakes, and quick breads (zucchini bread! banana bread!), as well as in cakes. Share what you make on social media, with the hashtag #janiesmillbakes

Protein: 11.2%

The “black” in Black Emmer, and the “nero” in Farro Nero, refer to the dark color of the outer hull and awns of this gorgeous ancient grain. Once Black Emmer is de-hulled, the kernels are similar in color to other wheats. We stone mill this beautiful grain into a 100% extraction whole wheat flour, so it’s delicious and wholesome, as well as beautiful!