Bison Ribeye Steak


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Some people argue that Bison (Buffalo) is better than beef. We would never pick sides, but our Bison is pretty good. Our Bison is sourced from ranches in North America where the animals are allowed to graze freely on enclosed prairies, and never given antibiotics or hormones.

Our Bison is hormone free and antibiotic free. Bison meat is leaner than beef, so its grade for those looking to keep their fat intake in check. Bison meat is also a good source of omega-3 fats.

Buffalo is a good substitute for beef in most recipes—as long as you don’t overcook it.

Cooking Bison is just like cooking beef. However, because bison meat is so lean, it cooks quickly and becomes tough if you cook it too long or at too high a temperature. Chefs often recommend cooking steaks to no more than medium-done. To keep moisture in, sear with a little vegetable oil over high heat and then cook slowly at reduced heat. You can grill or broil chops and steaks because they’re more tender.

What does Bison taste like? Not too disimilar from beef, slightly sweeter.

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Made by Meat N' Bone

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We started Meat N'Bone because there is nothing we enjoy more than a good piece of meat. Yet, finding affordable high quality meats is not an easy fit, the art of butchery is pretty much dead... Supermarket beef and butcher butcher shops, buy from the same suppliers that make it easy to operate (Sysco, GFS, etc...). Steakhouses can be awesome, but they are expensive.

At Meat N' Bone, every single product we offer is something we would eat, and serve our guests. Every summer, for years, our founders have been going to Michigan where our friends at Ferry Farms operate. There we grilled Michigan's finest beef by the lake... when summer was over and we came back to Miami we suffered from the lack of high quality beef. Its just not the same. the worst part? Ferry Farms is a dairy farm, and still they have better meat than most supermarkets and butchers!!!

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