Be Well Herbal Tea (Pack of 8)


Made by Everything Elderberry


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Our very own custom loose leaf tea blend that includes: elderberries, raspberry leaf, rose hips, and cinnamon.
All organic ingredients and naturally caffeine free.

2oz package serves 25-30 cups

Made by Everything Elderberry

Kristin started making elderberry syrup because her oldest daughter was sick all the time, she would catch every virus or cold that circulated and take longer to get better than other kids similar in age. Kristin needed a better option to combat her daughters' illnesses! What she found was an amazing little berry packed with antioxidants and vitamins! What started as a way to help her family has grown to help many more families. Her syrup is now small batch made in a certified, commercial kitchen and is inspected by the Washington Department of Agriculture. It is sold in numerous locations around Washington state and nationally.

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