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Our Newborn Essentials Bundle is the perfect gift for mommy and their newborn baby with 3 herbal teas to help make mom's nursing and baby's tummy or teething troubles better.

- Our More Lactation + Colic Prevention herbal tea is made with fennel nettle and milky oats to enrich and increase mommy's milk flow and production. It also nourishes their body with vitamins that are good for her and her baby. Plus, it helps prevent baby’s colic.

- Our Tummy Buddy herbal tea is made with the perfect combo of soothing chamomile and active fennel to reduce baby's inflammation and acid, stimulate digestion and pass gas. Good for colic, acid reflux, constipation and diarrhea.

- Our Teething & Soothing herbal tea is made with oats and chamomile to help reduce inflammation and fever, and soothe teething ouchies. It’ll help baby feel comfort and rest by soothing pain all while being gentle to their little tummy.

Why Oomi?

While other herbal teas combine many different herbs in hopes of bigger results, at Oomi we know that some herbs will enhance one another’s effects (yay!), and others will counter them (boo). Our Synergy-Blend promise means we only blend herbs with complementary properties, creating a synergistic effect with highly effective healing actions. The only thing more perfect than the blend is the intention we put in it, as each product is something we use with our own families!

Made only with no GMO's, no sugar, no caffeine, no chemicals. No Artificial Stuff, Ever!
Kosher Certified
100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Order today with confidence as if you aren't 100% satisfied, we offer a manufacturer 30-day money back guarantee.

Made by Oomi Organics


We’re two moms and sisters who know all too well the long days and nights of a child feeling under the weather, or the turmoil we feel when we need to increase our milk supply to nourish our newborns. We know mommy-ing is not easy. We know there’s natural proven ways to heal that our ancestors have used for centuries, and our parents and grandparents used to help us when we were young. We know these have helped us so much along the way raising our own kids too (yes, they're the ones in the picture above). So, we set out to study more on how herbs can help us heal. And after studying, testing and sharing with our families and our close friends, we are ready to share these all-natural and organic solutions with moms like you and your little ones.

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